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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up

2015-16 Analysis Summary 

In Numeracy and Literacy all students met or exceeded their targets. This was supported by the allocated £6,328 for catch up funding. This funding supported staff time and access to specific resources. This also partially funded, where appropriate, additional adult support for students. 

There were 10 year 7 pupils who had come from a range of local Special Schools as well as some from other boroughs. 

2014-15 Analysis Summary

Overall, students in year 7 made good progress. We were allocated £3500 for catch-up funding although our final year 7 cohort increased in size due to in-year arrivals. Students came from a wide range of schools including some schools which were new to us as feeder institutions.

The money was used to fund staff time to design and deliver support to year 7 students in maths and english. The outcome was that overall, students in year 7 made good progress in maths and english.

2013-14 Analysis Summary

Overall, students in year 7 made “good” or “better than good” progress in 2013-14. We had an initial intake of 8 students from a range of special schools with a variety of complex learning difficulties. A 9th student arrived mid-year.

TMTS received £500 per student in year 7 where that student was working below level 4 of the national curriculum in literacy and numeracy. As a special school for students with complex learning difficulties – this meant all our students.

TMTS used this money in 2013-14 to provide additional learning support in KS3 classes so that students in year 7 were able to meet or or in a small number of cases, exceed their targets. Close continual monitoring and specific individual interventions provided by intensive support enabled these good results, paid for in part by the “Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium”. The “average performance” for a year 7 student at TMTS in both English and Maths was “good progress”.